The Office of Student Development held a meeting January 16th, to discuss Appalachian State University’s plans for the old Watauga High School property on Highway 105.

The Appalachian Online reports the university is focused on developing safe travel routes to the location, including safer bike lanes down Highway 105 and the potential development of crosswalks or skywalks.

Current plans indicate the location will be used for parking in the fall of 2018, moving some parking away from the State Farm parking lot, allowing for the newly built Beaver College of Health Sciences to have more on-site parking.

The meeting included several small discussion groups, where members of faculty, staff, students and community members discussed their ideas for the potential future of the location.

In addition to parking, some suggestions included a multi-use facility for students, developing housing that would not encroach on Boone neighborhoods, a location for the university’s 300 clubs to hold events, and a venue for shows and special events.

According to the report, Paul Forte, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs said the property is considered an endowment property, and it has to be self sustaining and pay for its own operating cost, and private developers will be included moving forward.