The Boone Town Council struggled with a number of overlapping issues at last night’s August meeting, including trying to maximize use of properties such as the Daniel Boone Park area, including the Daniel Boone Theater and the parking area used by the Watauga Farmer’s Market. Added to the mix was the Boone Heritage Festival, which wanted to use ASU’s October 11th Homecoming weekend for its event, starting mid-morning in the amphitheater.  But with the farmer’s market holding the license for use of the parking area until 2pm, and market manger Tori Cox telling of the problems from last year’s overlapping, the council ultimately chose to license the Boone Heritage Festival to use from 2 on that Saturday until late Sunday, when McLauren Parking takes back control over the lot.  The council did not address the festival planner’s request for Friday evening use for set-up, and members were not sure how the planners of the festival might be able to work with the revised schedule, but it gave the event $3000 to pay musicians and gave the option of the festival stretching into Sunday.   Next issue on the agenda was timely, as the council was trying to define the evolving role of the Cultural Resources Board, or CRaB, with members frustrated over a lack of direction, vision from the council, properties to manage with no clear direction—and no budget.  With Director Pilar Fotta, the board decided to schedule a retreat with the board and the Town Council to address these and a number of other management issues.
The council did license an October 25th religious event at the theater.