Wednesday, Boone Police investigators arrested a third person in a break-in to a Boone area church from late July—the mother of the man charged in the initial crime.  Kathy Pulley Toler, 50 years-of-age, of Linda Lane, Vilas, was charged with one count of Felony Possession of Stolen Property from Alliance Bible Fellowship in Boone.  Ms. Toler is the mother of previously arrested James Eddie Pulley, 30 charged along with 26-year old Jessica Carol Cullbreth with the Felonies of Breaking and Entering, Larceny after Breaking and Entering, Larceny, Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy to Commit Breaking and Entering. Kathy Pulley Toler was taken before a Watauga County Magistrate where she was assigned the same September 24th court date of the other two and placed under a $10,000 secured bond. Boone Police say that on July 30th, Jessica Carol Cullbreth and James Eddie Pulley, went to Alliance Bible Fellowship claiming to be in dire need of assistance, and say the organization helped Jessica Cullbreth and James Pulley by providing them with food, gasoline for their vehicle, and school supplies for their children.  Then Thursday, July 31st, Boone Police received a report of a Breaking and Entering and Larceny at Alliance Bible Fellowship with over $1000 in power equipment stolen.  Investigators quickly identified Jessica Cullbreth and James Pulley as suspects in the crime, and as a result of the investigation and both  were charged with the Breaking and Entering and Larceny, then were served with quite a number of outstanding warrants.  Police say the stolen property was located and recovered from the Linda Lane home of Cullbreth and Pulley, at various pawnshops in Tennessee, and now from the home of Kathy Pulley Toler.