The issue of parking—an on-going headache for the Boone Town Council, led to another effort to rein in the problems for merchants, customers and those seeking to park where they shouldn’t.  Last night, the Town Council voted to enact quite a number of changes to the Chapter 73 section of the town's Municipal Code—the ‘towing’ section, noting that it also includes ‘booting,’  or wheel-locking.
The ordinance now requires signs of two to four square feet be posted on both sides of each vehicle entrance, within 10 feet from the street, signs that note whether the lot is private and that unauthorized vehicles could be immobilized and a fee charge charged to remove wheel-locks. A major change is that the ordinance also has a provision requiring attendants attempt to verbally warn the violators before applying wheel-locks to their vehicles. Changes also include that  lot monitors could put a written notice with the same information on unauthorized vehicles, but then allow a minimum of four hours before applying a wheel-lock downtown and at least 24 hours prior to applying a device in other areas. It requires that parking attendants applying for ID badges from the town submit a North Carolina criminal record document and disclose any criminal convictions received within the past 10 years.  

Mall and shopping centers lots can have signs as large as six square feet with red lettering on a white background, and centers serving six or fewer businesses must identify on the signs each of the businesses served by the parking lot. Signage for lots where towing is the method of enforcement are similar, but signs are not required within 10 feet of the street and are not required to post towing fee amounts. The latest revision is third time the council has revised the ordinance over the past two years, some portions to be effective August 15th.


Photos:  Jeremiah Farmer