A West Jefferson man has been convicted on 10 sex offense counts in Ashe County Superior Court after a nearly week-long trial and will spend 50 years in prison. Sheriff James Williams said Ronny Alan Cherry, 55 of was convicted in the July 7th term of court in sex offenses that involved twin who were abused from age 6 to 9, according to Sheriff Williams, who said the mother of the children read a statement she and her husband prepared for the court record after Cherry was convicted, saying they were Christians and wanted to stand before God and be forgiven, and therefore they had to forgive Cherry.  She stated that she hated what he had done, taking away her children’s innocence, their childhood, and forever changing their lives.
Cherry, who had been charged with 6 counts of First Degree Sexual Offense and 4 counts of Sex Offense of a Child by an Adult, was  found guilty on all 10 counts.  Judge Edgar Gregory sentenced Cherry to 25 years in prison on counts for each child, the second sentence to run at the expiration of the first 25 years, therefore receiving an active sentence of 50 years.  If Cherry were to live to be released, the Judge ordered satellite monitoring as a sex offender for the remainder of Cherry’s natural life.
Judge Gregory then spoke directly to the twins, encouraging them not to let this define their lives, to move forward and be all they could be.  He told them to never ever think for one minute any of this was their fault or to blame themselves in any way. Cherry was arrested February 20th, 2013 after the joint investigation of the Ashe Sheriff’s Office and West Jefferson Police. At the end of the trial, Judge Gregory asked Cherry if he had anything to say.  He said, “I’m fine sir.”
Cherry was transferred to Central Prison in Raleigh late last week to begin his 50 year sentence.  Sheriff Williams praised the jury for their work as this was a difficult case.