A Car stolen in Boone apparently took a circuitous route and was used in a number of other crimes according to police reports from the High Country to the Piedmont.  A silver Ford Escape was discovered missing June 1st from a Green Street location in Boone, and before it was returned to its owner, it had been involved in a break-in and theft in Charlotte and was found by unusual means in Hickory.  It was actually the break-in in Charlotte that led to the recovery of the car and arrests of two suspects, as an Apple Ipad mini was taken in the Charlotte crime, and through a GPS tracking signal from the device, Charlotte Police gave Hickory Police first one location—a business—that was closed when officers arrived, then an apartment on 26th Avenue.  There, officers confronted a woman exiting the Ford, were told erroneous information from her, then got permission to search the car, turning up goods stolen from the Charlotte incident.  Jazmine Del-Rico Freeman, 25, of Hudson, was arrested, as was Bradley O’Neil Caldwell Jr., of Hickory, charged with stolen goods counts and possession of the stolen car.  Caldwell’s bond was set at $46,500, Freeman’s set at $40,000. The owner in Boone contacted GoBlueRidge.net reporting her car returned, but damaged in a side-swipe wreck, trashed and smelly.