Boone Mayor Andy Ball and a contingent from the Boone Town Council are in Raleigh this morning, and this afternoon are scheduled to meet with State Senator Dan Soucek over the issue of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. May 28th, Soucek filed a local bill to end Boone’s extraterritorial zoning, calling the town’s use of the state ordinance, “regulation without representation,” and that “Boone violates the intent of this law more egregiously than anyone.”  Senate Bill 865 is Soucek’s second attempt to end Boone’s ETJ powers, the bill now before the Committee for State and Local Government.  His first attempt passed the Senate but gained no ground in the house.  But with the state legislature ending forced zoning, Soucek says the legal reasoning behind having ETJ’s in the state no longer exists, as it was for planning by a town to annex, and now only voluntary annexation is to be allowed.  Town officials point to instances where residents just outside the town limits were protected from unwanted development, such as an asphalt plant stopped several years back. The meeting between the town and Soucek is set for 3:30 this afternoon at Soucek’s office in Raleigh.