Two very different views on the issue of booting or wheel locking of vehicles were heard last night at the Boone Town Council meeting in requested appearances, John Tate who operates the parking lot monitoring service using wheel locking as enforcement, gave the history of the situation and even the history of complaints, “It was brought to our attention a month ago—they went to the DBA meeting and voiced some concerns, which are concerns of ours as well, that there was fighting going on at the parking lot with our guys.” Tate said that the investigation proved that his staff did not fight but were attacked in that incident. But Brittany Johnson had a very different and personal view in telling of her being booted, then while waiting for help, warning another person not to park there, “The parking attendant marched over and very aggressively told me that ‘the next time he caught me telling someone to move their car he would have me arrested for trespassing.” She described how he pointed his finger in her face, shouted at her, and scared her as she was alone on the lot. But when her help arrived, Johnson said she paid to have her wheel unbooted, and said, “I did not get a receipt, his car was not labeled, he was sitting in a car watching people, and I asked him for his name and he covered his nametag and said ‘Don’t worry about it.’” After that, Johnson said she got the tag number from the man’s vehicle—an out of state tag, and said she felt it was a “sketchy” situation. Tate told of how these situations will be handled in the future, saying they would now record everything and call police for any disagreement. Being just information, the council took no action at last night’s meeting, but it was notable that Johnson still felt so intimidated with Tate’s staff still at the door that she asked for and got an escort from town hall to her car by Police Chief Dana Crawford.