So gas prices in the High Country finally dropped a few cents—just after the grads graduated and the moms were celebrated over the weekend—and just as predicted by some of readers.  Some reported having that conversation with employees of places where they get gas, with the predictions given that prices would drop after the celebration weekend in the High Country.  Meanwhile, prices are still 13 to 15 cents per gallon lower off the mountain, with Morganton the lowest in a quick check of Foothills stations, regular gas at $3.56 on the signs.  Hickory, Granite Falls, and Lenoir mostly in the $3.59 range, the same in Wilkesboro. The area winners, though, are Mountain City area residents, with a reader sending a pix of gas at $3.44 at a station there. You keep sending the reports and camera phone shots, we’ll keep reporting the gas gouging in the High Country.  Send your shots through the portal.