Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation and its propane and heating fuels subsidiary, Blue Ridge Energies, are celebrating an honor, as they were recently named as two of the top 30 Best Employers in North Carolina for 2014. The BREMCO release said the statewide survey and awards program is designed to identify, recognize and honor the best places of employment in North Carolina, benefiting the state's economy, workforce and businesses. The list of the Best Employers in North Carolina was created by Business North Carolina magazine, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – NC State Council and Best Companies Group.
In that, Blue Ridge Energies was ranked in eighth place and Blue Ridge Electric was ranked ninth.
The release says that to be considered for participation, companies had to:
- Be a for-profit, not-for-profit business or government entity;
- Be a publicly or privately held business;
- Have a facility in the state of North Carolina;
- Have at least 15 employees working in North Carolina; and
- Be in business a minimum of one year.
Martin Starnes and Associates of Hickory was listed as #2 in the survey.     Companies from across the state entered the two-part survey process to determine the Best Employers in North Carolina. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company's workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics. That was approximately 25 percent of the total evaluation, with the second part, an employee survey to measure the employee experience. That part accounted for about 75 percent of the total evaluation, with the combined scores determining the top companies and the final rankings. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process in North Carolina and also analyzed the data and used their expertise to determine the final rankings. The entire list of the state's Best Employers is posted on Business North Carolina’s website: For more information, go to