If you’ve heard enough rhetoric, you can express yourself in early voting in the May 6th primary starting today. While there have been candidate forums, if you are a Republican voter in the 24th prosecutorial district, you might want to wait until after an event next Monday centering on the District Attorney’s race.  The Watauga Domestic Abuse Response Team / Sexual Abuse Response Team and local Bar Association are holding the event at the Superior Court Room in the Watauga County Court House starting at 5:30. Republicans may be making the choice in the District Attorney’s race in the 24th prosecutorial district as in that five-county vote, with the planned—then sudden—retirement of District Attorney Jerry Wilson, Burnsville attorney Seth Banks, Watauga Commission Chairman Nathan Miller, and Chief ADA Britt Springer will square off to see who will be on the November ballot.  And with no Democratic opposition filing for the race, the primary will, more than likely, be the race for the position.  There are otherwise lots of choices in both parties; for US Senate and in the US house 5th district; a number of other choices for Watauga voters with active races for Watauga Commission district 5 for both parties, district 3 for Republicans, plus paring the 8-candidate field for Watauga Board of Education down to 6 for the general election.  Early voting in Watauga is at the Meat Camp and Deep Gap Fire Departments, Western Watauga Community Center, Blowing Rock Town Hall, and Watauga County Administration Building on King Street.

In Avery primary votes, 11 Republicans filed in the county commission race—now there are 10—with three of those incumbents; three Republicans for Avery Sheriff, and three candidates—two incumbents in the Avery Board of Education race. Early voting is at the Board of Elections office in the Avery Courthouse.

In Ashe, five Democrats and seven Republicans are seeking to be on the fall County Commission ballot as they pare the list to three each, and two Republicans seeking to face Sheriff James Williams in November, with early voting starting today at the Board of Elections office in the Ashe Courthouse, then starting April 29th at the Fleetwood Fire Department with various times set for the voting.  

And with so many candidates filing for a number of High Country races, it may be the run-off primary in June 24th or July 15th before we settle the November ballot.