Tonight, we get a close-up sneak preview of the day-to-day work of a small county Sheriff’s Office—from the High Country—in their national debut. The National Geographic Channel’s new weekly series, Southern Justice, will officially premiere on National Geographic Channel this fall, but viewers can catch a special preview episode on tonight at 10 PM ET. The series takes viewers into the daily work of the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Sullivan County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office, exploring what the NatGeo release calls “an often  dangerous world where upholding the law requires a mix of bravery, grit, and readiness to spring into action at a moment’s notice” in “a mix of action and compassion.”  Sheriff James Williams’ crew will be featured in the episode tonight at where the release says “moonshine has been replaced by meth, prescription-pain killers and designer drugs like bath salts and ‘gravel’" as the most encountered clandestine substances.