Avery emergency personnel launched an extensive rescue effort Saturday in the early afternoon after an ASU student fell while rappelling in the Lost Cove Trail area.  The call came in about 1pm, 21-year old Chad Mullins from the Charlotte area, fell some 70-feet while with a group of friends. Avery rescue personnel arrived at the scene at about 2:30 as other help was called in for the carry-out, including two four-wheelers.  WINGS Air Rescue was called in due to the extent of injuries after rescue personnel cleared debris from the only treeless patch in the area to set up a landing zone. Mullins was flown to the Johnson City Medical Center for a treatment of number of injuries, including a serious shoulder injury, and is listed there today in stable condition. The carryout and airlift operation took several hours.

Then Avery volunteers had to immediately turn around to help Burke rescuers with a man who apparently suffered a heart attack hiking just across the county line, a carryout operation there during the late afternoon.


Photos:  WSOC-TV