The Avery County Sheriff’s Office reports that they recently received a prescription drug drop box, now located in the foyer of the Sheriff’s Office and is available twenty four hours a day.  Citizens with unused prescription or even over the counter drugs may drop the drugs in the drop box, keeping these chemicals out of landfills and reaching the water supply.   The drop box is secured and is monitored by video at all times, according to Avery Sheriff Kevin Frye, who said the drugs are removed from the drop box on a daily basis and secured along with other property or evidence that is to be disposed.  The drop box was provided by Project Lazarus, a community organization that began in Wilkes County to help prevent overdoses and abuse.  Project Lazarus uses community activism and coalition building in their efforts against prescription drug abuse.  Frye said the Avery County Sheriff’s Office is thankful for this partner in our efforts against prescription drug abuse.

Meanwhile, the drug drop box at the Watauga Sheriff’s office has taken at least 6,200 pills, 2 liters of liquids, 2 gallons of sharps, and other over-the-counter items out of circulation, according to Sheriff Len Hagaman.  That box has been at the Watauga Sheriff’s Office for 3 to 4 months, and is also available for stop by drop-off of pills—prescription or otherwise—needles and any other such items.