Two people were injured, one entrapped as one of the two vehicles involved came across the center line on NC 105 this morning, slamming into the side of the other. A white 2006 Ford pickup truck, driven by 56-year old Estel Eugene Norris was struck along the driver’s side, the impact trapping Norris in the truck until Watauga Rescue arrived with their Hurst Power Tool to pry the door open and help Watauga Medics and Foscoe First Responders carefully remove him.  The other vehicle, a 2005 GMC Yukon, was driven by 27-year old Clayton Paul Blust—a neighbor to Norris, as both live on NC 105 in the Foscoe area.  The Blust vehicle continued on a distance after the collision and ran off of the highway to his right, coming to rest in the mud. Blust refused transport by medics, while Norris was taken to Watauga Medical Center for treatment of a number of non life-threatening injuries.  Trooper Alexander said the 10am crash was caused by Clayton Paul Blust falling asleep as he traveled toward Foscoe passing the Valle Crucis intersection, his truck striking nearly front left to front left to the Norris vehicle.  Trooper Alexander charged Blust with Left of Center, Careless & Reckless, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.