Watauga Republicans met in their Lincoln Day Dinner at Meadowbrook Inn Friday night, an event featuring their candidates seeking election in a variety of races.  Among the business of the Republicans were resolutions honoring both the late Govenor Jim Holshouser, a Watauga native, and long-serving Gene Wilson, former commissioner, state house member, and restaurateur.  
The meeting came with the backdrop of the drama in the choice of interim replacement for Jerry Wilson, the 24th district attorney who retired suddenly last Monday.  On the drama that has unfolded after Wilson’s departure, Assistant DA and candidate for the office Britt Springer said that that word came down from Governor McCrory’s office mid afternoon Friday about a decision coming, but the day ended without the call from the Governor naming the interim.
So Monday becomes day seven of the drama in the DA selection process, and full weeks of criminal courts in at least two of the five counties of the 24th judicial district set for Monday.  Whoever is appointed by Governor McCrory will take the position pending the fall elections, with three Republicans seeking the nomination with no Democratic opposition for the fall election.


The Resolutions passed:

WHEREAS, James Eubert Holshouser, Jr. was born on October 8, 1934, in Boone, North Carolina and passed away June 17, 2013; and
WHEREAS, James Eubert Holshouser, Jr., two years after graduating from the University of North Carolina School of Law, was elected to the first of several terms representing Watauga County in the North Carolina General Assembly, rising to the position of House Minority Leader; and
WHEREAS, James Eubert Holshouser, Jr. chaired the North Carolina Republican Party from 1966 thru 1972; and
WHEREAS, in 1972 James Eubert Holshouser, Jr. became North Carolina's first Republican Governor since 1896 and the state's youngest Governor since the 19th century; and
WHEREAS, few people have played a greater role in transforming North Carolina into a two-party state; and
WHEREAS, Governor Holshouser created a statewide kindergarten system; helped start the rural health center program, and promoted diversity in his appointments to high visibility state government positions; and
WHEREAS, James Eubert Holshouser, Jr. was active in the Presbyterian Church and civic affairs, including serving on the University of North Carolina Board of Governors; and
WHEREAS, James Eubert Holshouser, Jr will always be remembered as one of North Carolina's favorite sons; therefore
BE IT RESOLVED, the Watauga County Republican Party notes with great sadness the passing of James Eubert Holshouser, Jr., expresses its sincere and heartfelt appreciation for his wisdom, guidance, and leadership and extends its deepest sympathy to his family.



WHEREAS, William Eugene “Gene” Wilson was born on May
5, 1929 in the North Carolina High Country; and

WHEREAS, Gene Wilson has served the Republican Party with
distinction for more than 45 years; and

WHEREAS, Gene Wilson served on the New River Mental
Health Board for 40 years; and

WHEREAS, Gene Wilson served as a Watauga County
Commissioner from 1968-1976; and

WHEREAS, Gene Wilson served in the North Carolina House
of Representatives for what has been the 40th, 82nd and is now
the 93rd District starting in 1985 and ending in 2006; and

WHEREAS, while in the NC legislature, Gene Wilson served on the Agriculture, Business and Labor, Aging, Welfare Reform, and Appropriations Committees; and

WHEREAS, Gene Wilson placed his highest priorities on constituent services and helping people in the community; and

WHEREAS, Gene Wilson brought the Daniel Boone Inn to national prominence providing superior food and service since 1971; and
WHEREAS, Gene Wilson is a true friend, admired and appreciated by those who know him, and he inspires the members of the Watauga County Republican Party; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Watauga County Republican Party formally recognizes the achievements and accomplishments of Gene Wilson, and his contributions to our community
and our state.