There is still no word about who will replace 24th District Attorney Jerry Wilson, who announced his retirement Tuesday, stating his last day as DA was this past Monday.  Tuesday, it seemed an orderly plan was in place to have long-time chief judge in the 24th Judicial District, Alexander Lyerly, take over the position for the rest of the year, officials just awaiting the commission from the Governor.  That’s when the political intrigue started, with a flurry of calls between the district and the Governor’s office, with others seeking to be put into consideration. It is still unclear just where the process is at this time, with sources saying that the supporters of each of the three candidates seeking to replace Wilson have made bids for persons allied with them to take the interim position. My source says the governor is trying to avoid that, and that is stalling the process. Since the staff of the DA’s office officially work at the discretion of the DA, some I have talked to are questioning the current circumstance under which the office is operating. Lyerly retired just the week before after serving three-plus decades, and was apparently at the courthouse to take the oath, but things turned into a waiting game. Whoever is appointed by Governor McCrory will take the position pending the fall elections, with three Republicans seeking the nomination with no Democratic opposition for the fall election.