There wasn’t a parking space to be had, and to be sure, there were some tears as Knights on Main, a fixture in Blowing Rock for over 18 years, bid its final goodbye.  Owner Tim Knight told the staff Wednesday that Thursday would be the last day, saying Thursday that the summer business was just not enough to make up for the long and harsh winters of late.  Over a year ago, Knights removed dinner from their offering, Tim saying then that the dinner was about a break even proposition.  But after 35 years of serving what has become a family of customers in Blowing Rock—17 at Sonny’s Grill, 18-plus at Knights, Tim Knight is hanging up the apron for the time being.  He said he has a number of offers for his services, but was more concerned over the 10 to 12 employees, a number who have spent many years at Knights.  As the word got around Blowing Rock, the lunch crowd poured in, many hoping that Tim would find someplace to again offer Friday fried oysters and other specialties. For now, there is mourning for the loss. Comments of patrons and from Tim Knight on High Country Radio Friday.