The Town of Blowing Rock celebrated its 125th birthday yesterday with cake and a party at the town hall, shortly followed by a Board of Commissioners meeting, plowing ahead into the next 125 years. On that agenda, Kipp Turner of Maymead Construction, contractor on the US 321 road project that will be a major part of the future of Blowing Rock, updated the board and public about recent progress on the project in spite of the wet and wintry weather. Turner said that wall staining in that area was started yesterday, and that moving of utilities continues.  Turner said that some earth moving schedules were impacted by the weather, as for safety reasons, contractors are trying to keep mud off the pavement where traffic has to flow through the work zone. One item moved from the consent agenda to one for discussion came with concerns of Blowing Rock merchants over the timing of the Shriners Summer Ceremonial parade on May 31st, but Shrine officials said they needed the 2pm time slot, and were hoping to only be a positive impact on the Blowing Rock economy. The Commission approved the 2pm parade time.