Another round of counterfeit currency is spreading bogus bills around Wilkes County, according to Wilkesboro Police.  The latest discoveries were reported to police last Tuesday, as BB&T Bank reported eight bill found in deposits from Security Financial Services, cash taken as a payment the previous Friday. Employees at the company identified the woman who made the payment and said that, at the time, the bills were suspicious and were somewhat wadded up and damp, but that a counterfeit detection pen did not show the bills to be counterfeit. The BB&T automatic counter did bounce the bills from the count, police noting that five bills had one serial number, three others had one other serial number.  Then officers reported another bogus bill turned up in the deposit of the Dollar General on West D Street in North Wilkesboro, a bill with the same serial number as others found by the bank. Dollar General officials told Wilkesboro Police they had surveillance video of all transactions and should be able to provide that evidence of the transaction.