This was posted a few times several months ago but I'd just like to update.

Back in July 2019 we lost Pippy, our 11-yr old Boston terrier. She pushed open the screen door when we weren't looking, something she'd never done before, and ran off. I know older dogs sometimes run off to pass away, but she was healthy and we're positive she was just excited.

We hired a tracking dog service to follow her scent trail, and from that we're quite sure that she was picked up soon after she escaped. Unfortunately she's not chipped, as our vet didn't do that when we got her as a baby. We've regularly checked in with nearby humane shelters and the surrounding community, but haven't had any updates.

We love and miss her dearly. At this point we're not very hopeful, but I wanted to post her picture again on the off chance that anyone has seen anything. Thanks.