Pet Patrol

To report a lost or found pet, call 828.264.2411, or submit info on Contact Us Page.

Cricket is a 2 year old black and white cat. She was last seen near Wind Walker Ct in Boone on Saturday, Oct 23rd around 8am. Her human parents and her furry siblings miss her greatly. Please call 919-604-1546 if you see her or have any information. Thank you!

Found at mile marker 224 and Ebner road off of the parkway on Friday morning. Full blooded blood hound, red, with a patch of white on its chest. 

Small black and white husky was found roaming Meat Camp Road near Hopewell Church Road in Boone.

Lost, a terrier-poodle mix boy dog. The dog went missing Tuesday, September 28, off Bamboo Road near the N.C. Driver License facility. The dog is off-white, a male, and about five years old. For more information, please call, 828-964-1115.

Our cat Simba ran away during the thunder storm on Thursday night (8/19).

Went missing on Monday, 09.06 in the Trash Can Falls area. Male pitbull/boxer - golden brown and white.  about 45 pounds, wearing a collar, no tags and is not chipped. Around his nose is  white and furry, rest of him is golden brown.  Very friendly. Hisname is Cash.  Please call (704) 408-4750.

We have lost two of our cats, Bruce and Florence.

LOST a dog in the Todd area off of Ray Brown rd. near the KOA Campgrounds.  He is a very big dog,  an American Bulldog. The family is fostering the dog. He is very friendly but timid.  He looks abused, he  weighs about 90lbs.  He came from an abusive situation and someone in the neighborhood was shooting  a gun and he got scared.  His name is Peter, he is wearing an electric collar but the tag has the name Phyllis on it.   However, the phone number on it is correct.  If found please contact the foster family, they are devastated.  (828) 773-2769

LOST: "Romeo" is a medium sized male Australian Shepherd, long haired, black with brown, no tail, less than one year old. He is wearing a harness with tags. Last seen near new Cove Creek School in Vilas on July 21st.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Found a lost dog in Vilas off of 421 & Silverstone Rd.  She is about 14 inches tall, weighs about 20 pounds,  and is very sweet.  White with black spots, hair is wiry, appears to be a terrier of some kind - she has on black  eye and one white.  She was wearing a collar, but no tags.   Please call (828) 297-2731.