1600 Attend Back 2 School Festival

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We've been covering the 10th Annual Back 2 School Festival where local Watauga students can come and get free school supplies.

Back 2 School was this past Saturday and had a turnout of over 1600 students. This beat their previous record of 1300 students last year. At the event students coming back to school can get backpacks, pencils, erasers, notebook paper, binders, and other school necessities. Festival goers were also provided with a new pair of shoes to start the school year off fresh. Publicity Coordinator Mattie Lucas said “It really goes to show how great the need is in our community and how many people are struggling to meet basic needs.”

It’s been a rough couple of years for a lot of people, and we’re grateful for the support from the community to help alleviate some of that strain for local families.” The Back 2 School Festival was founded on the principle that all students deserve to start off the school year on equal footing with their peers, equipped with the tools they need to go back to school confident and prepared.