The Watauga County Economic Development Commission Discussed the Future of the Blowing Rock Childcare Program

The Watauga Economic Development Commission (EDC) held its monthly meeting on Thursday, March 16, 2023, at the American Legion Hall in Downtown Blowing Rock.

In line with their commitment to rotate meetings across all five municipalities in Watauga County, this marked the first meeting of the group in a municipality other than Boone. The meeting started with Blowing Rock Mayor Charlie Sellers' speech welcoming the Watauga EDC to Blowing Rock, following which, Town Manager Shane Fox presented the recently approved Town of Blowing Rock childcare program. The program will provide childcare for up to 20 children of Town of Blowing Rock employees at 50% market rate in a town-owned building, and the program's cost to the town will be equal to the cost of one full-time employee that would be lost without available childcare. Furman, the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce Director of Economic Development, also shared details of the recently awarded $5,000 seed grant from the Appalachian Gateway Community Initiative. The EDC also held discussions and deliberations regarding economic development issues and opportunities throughout Watauga County, with a focus on future activities and priorities. The members voted to hold a retreat-style meeting at their next gathering for in-depth discussions. The meeting is set to take place, open to the public, on Thursday, April 20, 2023, from 11 AM to 3 PM again in Blowing Rock at the American Legion Hall. The Town of Blowing Rock has offered the venue once again to facilitate the retreat-style discussion.

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