Avery County Commissioners got an update on the progress of the Avery High School construction project at their November 10 meeting.

The Avery Journal reports the roof completion date, originally set for late November, has been moved back to January 21.

Avery Schools Superintendent Dr. Dan Brigman said the project should be maintained as presented and approved by contract, and to accept no futher delays or changes.

Mike Love of Branch Builds told commissioners that crews are on schedule for the roof to be completed by December 8, but that date is not reflected in the schedule due to scheduling errors.

Love said the priority for Branch Builds is to get under roof and dried-in, then complete the project in the next 100 days.

According to the report, the driveway and parking lot have not been completed, due to the contractors crew having several cases of COVID-19, and windows had not been ordered, nor had frames been measured.

Commissioners approved a change order to address the delays, extending the contract by 155 days, which puts the completion date at January 31.

The change order also includes punitive damages for each day that the contractor is late.