Here are the latest COVID-19 reports from AppHealthCare and the Toe River Health District.

AppHealthCare reported Wednesday 108 active COVID-19 cases in Watauga, a total of 1698, with 254 actively monitored.

Ashe with 34 active cases, 428 total, and 85 actively monitored.
Alleghany with 12 active cases, 267 total, and 23 actively monitored.
There have been 16 deaths in Watauga, 8 in Ashe, and 1 in Alleghany.

Appalachian State reports 55 students and 4 employees with active cases. Since March there have been 982 students, 44 employees and 41 subcontractors positive.

Toe River Health District has released its weekly COVID-19 totals on Wednesday.
Avery has seen 272 total cases, 24 are active. There are 13 active cases at the prison.
Mitchell is at 246 total cases, with 12 active.
Yancey is at 309 total, 53 are active.
There has been 1 death each in Avery and Mitchell, and 5 deaths in Yancey.