AppHealthCare and Toe River Health reported COVID-19 cases From September 15.

AppHealthCare reports Tuesday that Watauga County has 104 active COVID-19 cases, the cumulative total is now 743, there are 178 under active observation.

Ashe reports 9 active cases, a total of 244, with 43 being monitored.

Alleghany with 4 active cases, a total of 213, with 12 being monitored.

App State reported Tuesday there were 67 students 1 employee with active COVID-19 cases. The cumulative total at App Stat is 310 students, 26 employees and 41 subcontractors.

Toe River Health District reported on Tuesday there were no new positive community cases in Avery, which leaves them at 189 positive community cases, 177 community members have recovered, 11 community members are active, and 1 community death. The prison also reported no new positive cases.

Yancey County had 2 new positive cases which puts them at 211 positive cases, 200 have recovered and 10 active and 1 death.

Mitchell County had 1 new positive which puts them at 158 positive cases, 148 have recovered, 6 active and 4 deaths.