Hospitality Mints has announced it will be closing its Boone operations.

The Watauga Democrat reports the company made the announcement to its employees last week, citing significant impacts to the industry from COVID-19 restrictions.

According to the report, Hospitality Mints was acquired by Mount Franklin Foods of El Paso Texas in 2018, and the Boone operations will be absorbed into Mount Franklin's operations in other parts of the country.

Founded in 1976, Hospitality Mints makes soft and hard mints for restaurants and hotels as well as candies sold at retailers across the country.

It is the largest supplier of custom mints in the US.

Hospitality Mints had previously cut staff in half due to the pandemic, and those remaining were working reduced hours. Employees have been offered jobs at other Mount Franklin facilities.

The company is working with local employers to find other jobs for Hospitality Mints workers and is planning to offer them additional assistance, such as job fairs and resume advice.