AppHealthCare reported the latest COVID-19 case numbers Sunday September 13.

Watauga had 77 active cases, for a cumulative total of 705, and 142 individuals being actively monitored.
Ashe had 7 active cases, a total of 242 cases, with 39 individuals being monitored.
Alleghany reported 4 active cases, for a total of 213, and 6 individuals being actively monitored.
Appalachian State reported 51 students and 1 employee with active cases. There have been a total of 288 students, 26 employees and 41 subcontractors who have had confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Toe River Health District reported Monday September 14, that there were two new community cases in Avery, which puts them at 189 positive community cases, 177 community members have recovered, 11 community members are active, and 1 community death. The prison has another 45 positive cases. The majority of the inmates are asymptomatic.
Yancey County had 7 new positive cases which puts them at 209 positive cases, 198 have recovered and 10 active and 1 death.
Mitchell County had 2 new positives which puts them at 157 positive cases, 147 have recovered, 6 active and 4 deaths.