Since the 2016 general election, there have been demographic shifts in North Carolina.

With the 2020 election cycle coming up, Carolina Demography has broken down the changes by partisan composition and who makes up the registered voting population.

North Carolina has experienced steady population gains since 2016, with net gains masking a larger turnover in the underlying population.

For example, North Carolina added more than 85,000 new residents from net migration in 2017, with nearly 370,000 individuals moving here from another state or country and roughly 285,000 North Carolinians moving out of state.

Looking at new voting registrations since the 2016 general election, which includes new residents in the state, individuals who became 18+ or gained citizenship since 2016, and prior residents who are registering to vote for the first time, as of July 25th, North Carolina had 7 million registered voters.

Of these, 2.5 million or 36% were registered as a Democrat; 2.1 million or 30% were registered as a Republican; 2.3 million or 33% were registered unaffiliated.