AppHealthCare reports Watauga County continues to see an increase in new cases.

In fact, the number of active positive cases for the week of August 30-September 5 was the largest in recent weeks. Case trends have continued to increase with the largest percentage of cases in the 18-24 old age group, with cases mostly exposed due to close contact with others through living or working closely with others or attending social gatherings.

AppHealthCare is continuing to monitor the situation at Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation, where there are 4 staff members and 19 residents with positive cases.

AppHealthCare recently reported three deaths at Glenbridge.

In Ashe County for the week of August 30-September 5, the cumulative case count remains similar to the previous week, but the number of active cases have increased.

The largest percentage of cases are occurring in the 25-49 year old age group.

In addition, AppHealthCare is monitoring Mt. Jefferson Child Development Center, where 5 children and 6 staff have tested positive, the most recent positive test was September 10.

In Alleghany County, the cumulative case count is decreasing. For the week of August 30-September 5, the active case count increased slightly from the previous week. The largest percentage of cases in Alleghany are also occurring in the 25-49 year old age group.

AppHealthCare continues to monitor the outbreak at Bottomly Evergreens, where a total of 129 staff have tested positive. The latest positive was on September 10.

Clusters and outbreaks are considered active until a period of 28 days passes with no new cases and no new positive results.

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Toe River Health District, Yancey, Mitchell and Avery Counties, were notified Sunday of one new positive community case in Avery County, which puts them at 187 positive community cases, 177 community members have recovered, 9 community members are active, and 1 community death. The prison has 98 positive cases. The majority of the inmates are asymptomatic.

Yancey County had 1 new positive Sunday which puts them at 202 positive cases, 187 have recovered and 14 active and 1 death.

There were no new cases in Mitchell County Sunday which leaves them at 155 positive cases, 146 have recovered, 5 active and 4 deaths.