The town of Boone is removing two trees from the Jones House yard downtown, that are on each side of the front porch, shading the house causing the wood to remain wet, mildew, and rot.

According to a press release, the trees will be removed to allow more sunlight to reach those areas.

After the trees are removed, the house will be assessed for any damage and repaired accordingly.

The Town of Boone is also working to improve accessibility to the lawn and correct water run-off issues in the back and east side of the community center. The improvements will help make the lawn wheelchair accessible.

In addition, the town has planted 9 trees at the Water Plant, 4 at Daniel Boone Park, 22 at the Wastewater Plant, and another 50 trees along the Boone Greenway.

The Town of Boone has additional planting projects on town owned property in the works.