Leaders of the North Carolina General Assembly invite North Carolina high school students to apply for the Annual Youth Legislative Assembly.

The YLA teaches high school students about the laws governing North Carolina’s citizens as well as the lawmaking process.

Students draft, debate and vote on mock legislative bills while developing skills in research, interviewing, group facilitation and policy writing. As the bills are debated, the students get a chance to practice communicating their ideas, opinions and experiences in a team-building environment.

At the end of the three-day program, the participants have a better understanding of the lawmaking process as well as enhanced written and oral communication skills.

YLA provides the opportunity for North Carolina’s youth to engage with peers from across the state in a structured, positive, youth-focused environment.

The Legislative Services Office, under the North Carolina General Assembly, is now accepting applications for the conference to be held May 1, in the General Assembly.

The YLA program is open to students in North Carolina who are in good standing at a public, private, charter or home school.

Get more information by calling (919) 301-1372 or visit NCLEG.net.