The anticipated opening of the Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster near Sugar Mountain Resort has been delayed.

The Avery Journal reports the opening was originally planned to take place in early January. But according to the company's Facebook page, there is not an official opening date as of yet but they expect to be open Mid February if there are no other any other delays.

Pricing is still being finalizing but will offer single ride tickets, bundle rides at discount and military/first responders discounts.

The Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster is the first of its kind in North Carolina, and is being developed by Eric and Tara Bechard, a retired military family who acquired the 5.83 acres of land at 3229 Tynecastle Highway in January.

Along with the coaster, a three-story alpine center is being built and paved parking has been completed.

When open, the coaster's two person carts will send riders down the 2,930-foot track that includes 2,160 feet of down track with full left and right looping turns, a u-turn and a three-quarter turn. Riders control the speed of the ride through a brake system, but carts can reach speeds up to 27 miles per hour.

There are less than 25 alpine coasters in the U.S. but many more in Europe.