Community and Business

Golfers doing good—that the result of a successful fundraising effort; the 14th annual Hound Ears Open back in early August. Building on a rich history of service to the High Country community, Hound Ears Club presented proceeds from the Open—as well as other donations— exceeded $130,000.

Monday, October 19, 2015 at 5:30pm, Boone Town Council Chambers, Blowing Rock Road

For twenty-two years, Joe Shannon’s Mountain Home Music has been presenting concerts in the High Country, but JSMHM’s upcoming show – “Wayfaring Strangers”, will mark two “first” for this popular entertainment series. It will be the first time of holding a show on a Monday night and the first time JSMHM has staged a multi-media event and this one features a book! Yes, that’s right – the star of this production is the New York Times Best Seller – “Wayfaring Strangers: The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia” by Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr.

The Hunger and Health Coalition will be holding it’s first ever HALLOWEEN MASQUERADE BALL on Friday, October 30th at the Meadowbrook Inn and Suites. This will truly prove to be an evening of “tricks and treats” complete with dancing to great music throughout the night as well as performances by Ensemble Stage and ASU Theatre Department.

September 29, 2015 (BOONE, NC) - For city slicker Barry Hersh, a native of Brooklyn, NY and a long time resident of Miami, FL the initial thought of having surgery in the rural mountains of North Carolina seemed out of the question. However, that all changed last year after meeting Dr. Evan Ekman of Appalachian Regional Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center (AppOrtho) at Hound Ears Club.