LifeStore Bank announces it will donate to the Hunger and Health Coalition for each customer who switches to online statements.

“It’s an easy way to help out at a time when it is really needed,” commented Judy Current, Director of Marketing and Strategic Growth.“ We are donating $10 to either the Hunger and Health Coalition or Ashe County Sharing Center when our customers convert from paper to online statements and the customer can enjoy the convenience and safety of getting their monthly statements sent to their inbox.”

Online bank statements take away the worry associated with getting the statement through the mail or social distancing if you make a trip to the mailbox and relieves the fear of your statement getting into someone else’s hands. Your information is protected and it’s good to know you’re helping the environment too.

When enrolled in online statements you receive a monthly email telling you your statement is ready, and it can be easily accessed at any time from the online banking portal. You can download it and save it to a folder or login to online banking and reference up to 24-months of history. It makes record keeping and research for income tax returns easy.

The need has never been greater to help people in the community. Since COVID-19, the number of people experiencing food insecurities is greater than ever and this money will allow our food banks to continue purchasing supplies and take advantage of discounts from their sources.

The mission of the Hunger and Health Coalition is to continue providing emergency food and life-sustaining medication for our community members in need. Since COVID-19 they have experienced record demands for their food services and they remind their donors that for every $10 donated the Hunger and Health Coalition can purchase $50 worth of food.
The promotion begins May 1, 2020 for LifeStore to donate $10 per account switched to online statements. LifeStore reminds customers wishing to convert to online statements to make sure they are first enrolled in online banking. Once enrolled in online banking it only takes a few minutes to make the switch. Start the switch at For more information or for assistance switching to online statements contact LifeStore Bank at 336-246-4344.

LifeStore dates back to 1939 when its founders saw the need for a local building and loan association to help people purchase and build new homes. Today LifeStore Bank operates four locations in Ashe and Watauga Counties and LifeStore Insurance is located in those locations as well as Elkin, Lenoir, Newland and Sparta.