Businesses of all shapes and sizes are dealing with the challenges created by the COVID-19 coronavirus, and the impact the virus has placed on our normal routines and activities.

Our local business community will see a significant dip in volume over the next few weeks due to changes in schedules at Appalachian State combined with a cautious tourism audience.

As locals, we can be responsible and health aware by following the guidelines shared by AppHealthCare and other local agencies. We can also adjust our patterns to be as supportive of our local businesses as possible as we proceed with our daily routines.

Keep Boone Healthy

Follow the personal, family, and staff help guidelines set forth by AppHealthCare over the last few weeks. Be vigilant when it comes to washing hands, sanitizing workspaces and public areas, and any other precautions necessary to ensure the safety of yourself, family, staff, and customers. 

Limit interactions and gatherings of over 100 people, as suggested by AppHealthCare, the Town of Boone, and Appalachian State University. When you do gather, please be responsible by limiting handshakes and close proximity contact.

In a responsible manner, please support your local neighbors by making as many local purchasing decisions as possible for goods and services. Many businesses have been working for weeks to establish procedures to keep their locations safe and healthy for customers and staff. Please take the opportunity to visit businesses that will be impacted by an unplanned dip in volume do to the extension of App State spring break.

Boone Area Chamber of Commerce events and committee meetings have been postponed through the end of March, including Business After Hours for March 19th. We will work with App State Athletics and Skyline/Skybest on an alternative date at an appropriate time in the future. We encourage you and your staff to participate in some DIY networking time at a local bar/restaurant/business in lieu of our larger gatherings. If you tag #KeepBooneHealthy, we will share your images on social media.

We encourage you to be patient and flexible with customers from other communities that are altering their plans to come here in the short term. The customers you help today will hopefully become your loyal customers of the future.

David Jackson
870 W. King Street, Suite A
Boone, NC 28607