New River Light and Power is about to begin a customer survey.

New River Light and Power will be conducting residential and commercial telephone surveys as part of a long-term planning study, to measure opinions of residents and business owners regarding the electric service received from NRLP, as well as communication preferences and perceptions of new strategic initiatives.

An online version will be available on the NRLP website soon after the telephone surveys begin.

NRLP’s customer survey is part of a larger statewide effort by ElectriCities of North Carolina to conduct comprehensive research among residential and commercial energy customers of North Carolina public power communities.

The survey will be conducted by GreatBlue Research, Inc., a professional market research firm in Glastonbury, Conn, and the name Great Blue will show up on the caller ID.

As required by the Code of Ethics of the National Council on Public Polls and the United States Privacy Act of 1974, GreatBlue Research Inc. maintains the anonymity of respondents to surveys the firm conducts. No information will be released that might, in any way, reveal the identity of the respondent to NRLP.

If you have any questions, contact GreatBlue Research, Inc. at 860-740-4000, or NRLP at 828-264-3671.