This week, Historic Tree Care head arborist, Guy Meilleur and Town of Boone staff will be preforming selective pruning, installing structural supports and preforming other healthcare services involving the maples on the Jones House yard.

Head arborist Guy Meilleur has been providing commercial tree care since 1965, and consulting, testifying, and writing about arboriculture since 1982.

Meilleur is author of over 50 peer-reviewed articles that focus on good tree care with good arborists.

While conducting his initial tree inspection and diagnosis, Meilleur also found seedlings that can be collected and grown to carry on the genes of the larger maples on the property.

The Town of Boone has been successful over the past five years at adding hundreds of trees to Town owned property along the Greenway, in Jimmy Smith Park, in the Queen Street Parking Lot, in the streetscape along King Street, at the Greg Young Water Intake and at the Jimmy Smith Waste Water Treatment Plant.