On Thursday, August 1, the Orchard at Altapass continues its 25th anniversary celebration with a performance of “Love Makes A Home: The Life of Rebecca Boone,” by author and playwright Kiesa Kay.

Rebecca married renowned frontiersman Daniel Boone when she was 17. Over the next 25 years, she birthed 10 children, cared for their children, and adopted several others as her own. Rebecca epitomized the definition of a pioneer woman. With her husband and family, she walked through Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Kentucky before finding her final rest in Missouri, making new homes and rarely spending more than 2-3 years in each location.

Featuring old-time fiddling by William Ritter, Rebecca, portrayed by Terra Currie, recalls her life during the almost two years her husband spent lost in the woods. Although a courageous hunter and adventurer, Daniel was no businessman, lost all the family’s money and most of their land and expected his wife to maintain the home front. Always understanding, Rebecca saw to the needs of her children, teaching them to hunt, forage, and build so they would never be without food and shelter. Without formal education, Rebecca was reputed to be an experienced community midwife, family doctor, leather tanner, sharpshooter, and linen-maker—resourceful and independent in the isolated areas she and her large, combined family often found themselves.

Through all her trials, she had little bitterness. She was honest and blessed with a supportive family and an indomitable spirit. In this one-person play, Rebecca, during a rare and serene evening alone, reveals her most intriguing secrets.

“Love Makes A Home: The Life of Rebecca Boone” starts at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 1, at the Orchard at Altapass, located at 1025 Orchard Road in Spruce Pine (mm 328.3 on the Blue Ridge Parkway). Tickets will be available for $15 at the door. The General Store will be open and refreshments available. For more information about the play and all the Orchard projects, please visit the website, www.orchardataltapass.org visit the Facebook page, or call 828-765-9531.