Boone declares January 27th as Mentoring Day

Boone Mayor Rennie Brantz has signed and declared the following resolution.

WHEREAS, January 2018 will mark the 17 th anniversary of National Mentoring Month, an annual campaign to recruit volunteer mentors for young people.

WHEREAS, National Mentoring Month celebrates the benefits of youth mentoring across the country. Every day in communities across the country, caring adults volunteer their time with mentoring programs to create consistent and supportive relationships to young people. At its most basic level,
mentoring is successful in real life because it guarantees a young people has an adult to turn to and that they have a guiding hand to help them in dealing with day-to- day challenges. At a more complex level, there is a powerful mentoring effect that ultimately makes our communities stronger and;

WHEREAS, Quality mentoring programs are proven to build relationships that help improve school attendance and academic achievement, promote responsible decision-making, and provide skills to better navigate relationships at school, socially and at home and;

WHEREAS, in 2017, volunteers in Western Youth Network’s Mentoring program spent more than 4,600 hours with youth in Watauga County totaling more than $101,844 of donated time to benefit our community; and

WHEREAS, “Boone Thank Your Mentor Day” January 27th promotes three ways to honor your mentor: (1) contact your mentor directly to express your appreciation; (2) pass on what you received by becoming a mentor to a young person in your community; and (3) write a tribute to your mentor for posting on; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Boone is dedicated to realizing the promise and power of mentoring.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Rennie Brantz, Mayor of the town of Boone, as a demonstration of the value of volunteerism to this community, do hereby proclaim January 27 th , 2018 as “BOONE THANK YOUR MENTOR DAY” and January 2018 as Mentoring Month, celebrated by the Town of Boone, and urge our citizens to recognize this day, to consider mentoring a young person in their community, and to celebrate this month with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs.
Rennie Brantz, Mayor


Pictured are Mayor Brantz and  WYN's Angela McMann.