Former Hickory High boys' basketball coach Shawn Johnson had his bond revoked on Monday because court officials said Johnson violated the court orders when he attended multiple recreational events

involving minors.



A motion to revoke his bond came last week, officials said. He was taken into custody when he showed up for court Monday. Johnson, 40, was arrested in 2013 on four counts of statutory rape and one charge of sex offense by a teacher. But six additional indecent liberties charges were added in August of last year.


The additional charges include: four charges of indecent liberties with a second student and two more counts of indecent liberties with a student, involving a third and fourth victim, according to reports. Those charges were presented in two indictments.


His trial was scheduled to begin Monday afternoon, but it was delayed when the defendant’s bond was revoked.


Johnson's bond was originally set at $410,000, but a judge lowered it to $105,006 plus a list of conditions, according to a 2013 report. Johnson was then released on bail. Under the conditions, Johnson could not: go within 300 feet of a school, day care or city park; be within 10 feet of anyone under 18 years old, other than his children; and not be around anyone under 18 years old without adult supervision.


Johnson was the Red Tornadoes’ boys basketball coach from 2004-12. In eight seasons, his teams went 183-51, and he led them to four consecutive league championships. They shared a co-championship with Alexander Central in 2011-12.