Pet Patrol

To report a lost or found pet, call 828.264.2411, or submit info on Contact Us Page.

Dog found on Highland Ave near I-Hop.  Please call (828) 406-3483.

12 year old Jack Russell Terrier named Maxim went missing on Sunday, May 29th in the Deerfield Bamboo Area.  Maxim s white with black markings.  If anyone has seen or has any information regarding Maxim, please call (828) 263-2977.


On Tuesday April, 26th, a a large black labrador mix went missing from the Brown's Chapel Rd area. She is wearing a red shock collar and her name is 'Marley.' If found please call 828-850-0143



Katie Girl, a Siamese cat, went missing on May 15 from the Niley Cook Road area.  She is a 13 year old cat with blue points and blue eyes. If found please call 828-964-4444.

On April 21, an orange and white cat went missing from the University Village area. His name is 'Fuzzy. If found please call 828-355-9306 or 540-220-2749.