Pet Patrol

To report a lost or found pet, call 828.264.2411, or submit info on Contact Us Page.

On October 22, an orange cat went missing from Deerfield rd near the Boone Airport. She responds to the name Mama Cat and may not come up to you. If found or seen please call Debbie at (828) 264-2238

On October 14, a grey and black tabby cat named Chloe went missing near Willow Valley Golf Course. If found please contact Karen at 828-457-2431.

On October 12th a dachshund went missing from the Forest Grove/Cove Creek area. She answers to the name Daisy. If found please call 828-406-8696.

On October 8th a fat, black Dachshund went missing from the Forest Grove Rd/Vilas area. Her name is Daisy. If found please call Charity Austin at 406-8696.

A three year old blue pitbull (black in color), went missing from Rovygreene Rd. near Highwater Bridge. His name is Durt and is very friendly. If found please call 423-268-0068.