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Pet Patrol


Join us Monday-Friday at 4:30 pm on WATA 1450 AM for the Pet Patrol Broadcast. We are working, together, every day to bring families back together!



  • Email the Pet Patrol at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Contact your local Humane Society or Animal Control


Remember...PLEASE...have your pets spayed or neutered. It can improve and extend the life of your pet and it will cut down on the amount of unwanted animals!!!


Lost Cat: Louie

Louie is a male, short haired cat.  He is mostly grey with white on his face, chest, and paws.  He went missing Monday, February 7th on Roby Green Road.  He is neutered and was last seen wearing a brown and green collar.  If you have Louie or may have seen him please call 828-406-5187.  A reward is being offered.

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Lost Dog: Sierra

Sierra is a female, shepherd/sheltie mix.  She weighs 38 pounds and is blonde, brown and dark brown in color.  She was wearing her tags.  Sierra went missing last night in Todd.  If you have or may have seen Sierra please call 828-265-3408 or 828-964-6739.

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Lost Cat: Tom

A big black cat, named Tom was lost about a week ago.  He was last seen in the Snyder Branch area of Potter Town.  If you have or may know where Tom is please call 828-297-4284 or 828-640-0674

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Lost Puppy

A Black, white, and brown 3 month old Beagle puppy was lost in the Meat Camp Area close to the entrance of Ball Branch Road.  Please call 264-9672 if you have seen or may know where the puppy is.

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Lost Dog: Zoe

Zoey is a female maltese.  She weighs 5 pounds and is all white.  She is wearing a pink and green collar and went missing from the Deerfield area.  If you have seen or may have Zoey please call 264-4066.

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Lost Dog: Male Husky

Lost Male Husky Near Cove Creek School.  Blonde in color, was not wearing a collar.  If you may have seen or know where he is please call 297-3429.

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Puddin' Missing

Puddin' is missin'...the 7-pound gray yorkie was wearing a blue sweater when she left her Watauga Drive in downtown Boone Thursday.  If you've found Puddin', call 828-719-0543

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Lost Dog: Riley

Riley is a 5 year old Chocolate lab.  He weighs about 90 pounds and was last seen wearing a green collar that had "lucky" on it but no tags.  Riley has been missing since 1/25/11 in the Sugar Grove area on Lower Rush Branch Road.  If you have seen Riley or may have him please call 828-297-8100.

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Lost Dog: Pretty

Pretty is a 3 or 4 year old female Rottwiller that was lost in Linville Falls.  Pretty is mostly black with a little brown on her.  She weighs 75 pounds and is about the size of a small lab.  Pretty was last seen with a Washington Redskins collar on that had her name and phone number on the tags as well as her rabies vaccination tag.  She has been spayed and has a small green tattoo on her belly.  If you have seen or may have pretty please call 828-733-1560 Monday through Friday and ask for Liz, or you may also call 828-765-9144, 828-467-3280, and you may also email Liz at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  A reward is being offered.

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Lost Dog

Lost female Brendle Pitt Bull from the Ward Branch Road Area.  If you have seen or have this dog please call 828-457-5203 or 828-297-1137

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Lost Dog: Hunter

Hunter is a male yellow Lab, with a little red tint in color on his back.  He has been neutered and is very friendly.  He weighs 95-100 pounds and is wearing a light blue collar.  He was lost in the Mattney area near Avery County.  If you have seen Hunter or may have him please call 773-5800 or 297-1735.

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Lost Dog: Janga

Janga, is a 13 inch female Beagle.  She is black, brown, and white.  Weighs about 15- 20 pds and was lost off of North St. near the public library and Boone.  She was wearing a black spiked collar with no tags.  If you have Janga or may have seen her please call 828-262-0390.

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Found: Cat at Greenway Park

A Male cat was found at Greenway Park near the baseball fields.  He has long hair, grey stripes wil a little orange, a white bib, and white feet.  He was found on January 4, 2011.  If this is your cat please call 355-9343.

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Found: 2 Dogs

Found 2 Dogs.  One female and one male.  They are light tan and are German Sheppard, Chow Mix.  The were found in Valle Crucis.  If these are your dogs please call 963-5974.

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2 Lost Pit Bulls

2 Pit Bulls were lost in Trade.  1 Female and 1 Male.  The female is named Atlantis and is 2 years old.  She is a blue/grey color and has cropped ears.  The Male is named Exodus and is white and brindle in color.  He is 7 years old and has cropped ears also.  If you have seen or may know where they are please call 828-264-7113 or 336-262-1743.

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Lost Dog: Andre

Andre is a male Pyranees dog and is all white in color and very fuzzy.  Andre is 4 months old and weighs about 55 pounds.  He does not have any tags.  He was lost on January 1, 2011 in the evening in the Junaluska area.  If you have seen or have Andre please call 297-5221.

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Found: Brittney Spaniel Dog

A white, with brown spots Brittney Spaniel Dog has been found.  The dog is male with Emerald green collar, possibly an invisible fence collar.  If this is your dog you can call Daniel Silvie in Zionville at 828-297-4927.

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Lost Dog: Bailey

Bailey is a black 3 year old, female, Australian Shepherd.  She weighs about 55 pounds and is not wearing a collar.  She was lost on Roby Green Road near Mack Brown Chevrolet.  If you have seen Bailey or may have found her please call 262-5350.

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Lost Dog: Holly

Missing Dog:  Holly


Holly is a huge solid white pyrenees female dog with a few freckles on her face.  She is about 10 years old and weighs 100 pounds.  She is wearing a thick, bluish collar that should have her tags on it, unless she ripped it off.  She was lost in the Stoney Fork area on Lawrence Green Road.  If you have seen or have Holly please call 264-1924.

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