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Pet Patrol


Join us Monday-Friday at 4:30 pm on WATA 1450 AM for the Pet Patrol Broadcast. We are working, together, every day to bring families back together!



  • Email the Pet Patrol at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Contact your local Humane Society or Animal Control


Remember...PLEASE...have your pets spayed or neutered. It can improve and extend the life of your pet and it will cut down on the amount of unwanted animals!!!


Lost Dog: Opal

Opal is a female Brittany Spaniel that went missing on June 20.  She is a medium size dog, about 10 or 11 years old.  She is cream colored with yellow eyes and no tail.  She was wearing a blue collar with no tags when she went missing in the Blowing Rock Golf Course area.  If you have seen Opal or may have her please call 828-719-7770.

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Found Dog on 6/21/11

A dog has been found on Old 60 near the Food Lion.  It is a male, reddish and brown dog that looks like a small, long-haired chihuahua.  He is wearing a collar, but with no tags.  If this is your dog please call 264-8466.

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Found Dog on 6/19/11

There is a puppy that was found towards 421 off of the 105 bypass on June 19. It looks like a male lab/pit bull mix. He still has his baby teeth and is probably no more than 4 months old. He was not wearing a collar when he was found. If this is your puppy please call (908)-268-2785 or (919)-608-3150.

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Lost Dog: Pete

Pete is a 1 year old, male, Border Collie.  He is neutered and was last seen wearing an orange collar with no tags.  He is very friendly and went missing on June 20 on Hwy 221S near Halloway Mtn. Rd. by Grandfather Country Store.  If you have seen Pete or may have him please call 295-6427.

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Lost Cat: Blackie

A cat went missing on June 13, behind the Wal Mart in Boone on 107 Zeb St.  Her name is Blackie and she is a 4 year old, jet black cat.  She was wearing a red collar with her tags on it.  If you have seen Blackie or may have her please call 264-9425.

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Lost Cat: Stitches

Stitches is a 6 year old, spayed female, pale orange tabby cat.  She went missing Sunday night, June 12th from Yonahlossee off of Poplar Grove, near Honey Bear Campground.  If you have seen Stitches or may have her please call Cathy at 910-539-7741.

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Lost Cat: Marty

There is a lost orange Tabby cat named Marty that went missing on June 10th.  He is male and 5 years old.  Marty went missing in the vicinity of Snaggy Mountain and Russ Cornette.  If you have seen Marty or may have him please call 828-719-5161.

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Found Dog on 5/5/11

There was a dog found on June 5th.  It is a female, tri-colored beagle.  She was found on Laurel Creek Road.  She seems to be middle aged, very sweet and was scared of a storm.  If this is your dog please call 828-297-1243.  Please leave a message.

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Found Dog on 5/5/11

There was a dog found on Aho Rd.  It is a Lab/Chow mix.  He is a neutered male and is brown and blackish in color.  He is wearing a blue nylon collar.  If this is your dog please call 264-7113.

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Found Dog on 6/3/11

A 4 year old, male, lab mix was found on June 3 at 194/River Road.  He is tan with a red collar with no tag and is well trained.  If this is your dog please call (828)-265-2068.

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Lost Dog: Maggie

Lost In Ashe County StaggsCreek/Long Branch Community in Lansing....1 year old female white mountain fiest with brown markings  including a lightning bolt down forehead.  She answers to the name of Maggie and was last seen Saturday May 28.  She is wearing her collar and name tags Please call with any information 336-384-1158.

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Lost Dog: Little Moon

Little Moon is a small, female, mix-breed dog.  She answers to Moon or Moonie.  She has long black hair and a white muzzle.  She weighs 28-30 pounds and is 11 to 12 years old.  She was last seen on the evening of May 23rd on Mountain Dale Road in Vilas.  She was wearing a red flea collar.  If you have seen Little Moon or may have her you may call 262-2550 during the day or 297-6269 during the evening.

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Lost Dog: Atlantis

There is a missing Blue and White, female, Pit Bull.  She answers to the name Atlantis and has cropped ears.  She went missing in Trade, TN on 5/28/11 and is not fixed.  If you have seen Atlantis or may know where she is please call 264-7113 or after 6 pm call 336-262-1743.

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Lost Dog

There is a lost, male Dachshund, wiener dog.  He is brown with white chest markings.  He was last seen on Buckeye Hollow Rd. in Jonas Ridge.  If you have seen him or may have him call Randy at 828-733-9024.

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Found Dog

A boxer bulldog has been found.  The owner must describe, including gender, type of collar, etc.  Very gentle, very well mannered dog -  appears to be a house dog.  Call 828-898-6278.  If no answer, please leave a message.

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Found Dog on 5/25/11

There was a dog found off of Polar Grove Road.  It is a male Rottweiler wearing a red collar.  He weighs about 60 pounds and is black and tan with white on his chest.  If this is your dog please call 828-773-2552.

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Lost Dog: Abby

Abby is a female, German-Sheppard/Corgi mix and weighs about 25 pounds.  She is light brown and black and was wearing a red collar with tags.  She went missing off of Winklers Creek Road during the night of 5/24.  If you have seen Abby or may have her please call 828-773-6231.

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Lost Cat

There is a missing male cat.  He is grey and white with long hair.  He was lost near the Food Lion on Old 421.  If you have seen this cat or may have him please call 910-315-6219.

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Found: Two Dogs

Two beautiful dogs  were found on may 23 (around 5:30) at the corner of King street and Hardin street at Grace Lutheran Church. The person who found them is unable to keep them at their apartment because of management rules but took the dogs over to the humane society. Due to over crowding the humane society is having animal control pick them up in the morning and apparently Friends for Life is going to try to get them out of animal control. The person who found them will be keeping track of where they are taken so any one can contact this person to get their exact location at 704-589-1828 or 704-840-4332. A picture of the dogs can be found on the pet patrol page on

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