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Pet Patrol


Join us Monday-Friday at 4:30 pm on WATA 1450 AM for the Pet Patrol Broadcast. We are working, together, every day to bring families back together!



  • Email the Pet Patrol at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Contact your local Humane Society or Animal Control


Remember...PLEASE...have your pets spayed or neutered. It can improve and extend the life of your pet and it will cut down on the amount of unwanted animals!!!


Found Dog


Small female beagle in the Vilas area. No collar or tags. Appears to be 2-3 years old. Call 828.297.5321


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Lost Dog: Missy

Missy is a female Border Collie/Lab mix that went missing during the afternoon of July 9, by High Country Signs on 421.  Missy is black with a white blaze on her chest, and a scar on her snout.  She was last seen wearing a purple collar that had her owners name and phone number embroidered on it.  If you have seen missy please call 719-0913 or 264-0086.

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Lost Dog: Hershey

Hershey is a male, 5 year old German Short Haired Pointer.  He weighs 55-60 pounds and is neutered.  He is mostly brown with slight white streaks and a white stripe on his muzzle.  He is wearing a blue and brown collar with ID tags.  Hershey went missing July 3 off of Blackberry Road, South of Blowing Rock.  If you have see Hershey or may have him please call 828-295-7702 or 704-344-1555.

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Lost Cat: Cheerio

Cheerio is a male orange tabby cat.  He went missing in the Hebrew Colony area.  He's a little overweight, friendly, and is not wearing a collar.  If you have seen Cheerio or may have him please call 355-9224.  A reward is offered.

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Lost Dog: Ursula

Ursula is a female, 5 year old, black, female chow.  She has black hair with brown tips and has not been clipped yet, so she is matted.  She is not wearing a collar or tags.  She was last seen on the afternoon of July 4 in the Seven Oaks/Roby Greene Road area.  Ursula will not come to strangers, and could have gone in any direction from the Rutherwood Area.  If you have seen Ursula or may have her please call 828-334-6131, 828-334-5184, or 828-334-5805.

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Lost Dog: Ellie May

Ellie May is a female, Lab/German Sheppard mix, but looks more like a Sheppard than a Lab.  She is 5 years old and weighs 80 pounds.  She is brown in color and has a black or navy collar with geometric shapes on it and no tags.  Also, she is not chipped.  Ellie May went missing in the Benjamin/Rovy Green area near the Fairgrounds on July 4th.  She is a little timid.  If you have seen Ellie May or may have her please call 828-963-3548.

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Lost Dog: Scrappy

Scrappy is a male Chihuahua/Feist.  He has a curled tail and is reddish brown in color.  He weighs 20-22 and was wearing a collar with tags.  He went missing in the Beech Mountain/Horn Beam/Parkway area.  If you have seen Scrappy please call 828-457-2112.

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Found Dog on June 28

A small, male, Schnauzer was found near Green Valley School on Big Hill Road.  The dog has a blue collar but no tag.  If this is your dog please call 828-773-7351.

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Lost Dog: Hank

Hank is a, male, medium sized dog (about 40 lbs).  He has short hair that is black with a white chest, 4 white paws, and a lot of white in his face.  He is wearing a red collar with no tags and will answer to his name Hank.  He was lost in the Rutherwoods Meadows area during the afternoon of June 28th.  If found please call 828-265-6334 or 828-406-3813 and leave a message if no answer.

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Lost Dog: Rico

Rico is a male, blue pit bull.  His fur is silver and grey which looks blue, and has a white chest.  Rico is about 9 months old and weighs about 70 pounds.  He was last seen wearing a blue collar that had his owners name and number embroidered in the collar.  Rico went missing around June 28 in the Green Valley/Big Hill Road Area.  If you have seen Rico or may have him please call 828-264-4791.

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Lost Dog: Mabel

Mabel is a female beagle hound.  She weighs 50 pounds and got off her underground fence during the storm on June 28th in University Village/Greenway Area.  She has an underground fence collar but no other identification.  If you have seen Mabel or may have her please call Kathy at 828-719-0986

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Lost Dog: Lulu

Lulu is a female mix-breed dog.  She is about knee high. Lulu is black with some brown and white and is 3 years old.  She went missing yesterday at 3 Top in Creston.  If you have seen Lulu or may have her please call 336-877-5304.

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Lost Dog: Baley

Baley is a 8 year old, female beagle that went missing on June 26 around lunch time in the Meat Camp area on Millways Road.  She is tri-colored but does not have a lot of brown on him.  Baley was wearing a black collar with the Grateful Dead Bears on it.  The number on the tags is incorrect, instead please call 264-5383 if you have seen Baley or may have her.

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Found Dog on 6/26/11

A male Shih Tzu was found on Blue Ridge Parkway near Rose Hollow Road on June 26.  Looks like he's been out for a while but at one point had been groomed.  Also, he is really friendly.  If this is your dog call 828-733-2774.

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Lost Dog: Sadie

Sadie is a, female, lost registered Mountain Cur dog.  She has a bobbed tail and weighs 30 to 40 piunds.  She has white ft and was wearing a brown collar with no tags.  She went missing June 22nd in the Meat Camp Area.  If you have seen Sadie or may have her please call 264-9672, a reward will be offered.

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Found Dog: Wally

Bassett hound, Wally, found in the Junaluska Rd area between Curley Maple and Tater Hill Rd. Please call Dale McCorvey at 828 773-9394 or 828 297-7504 or 838 297-4646 if Wally belongs to you.

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Found Kitten

There was a small grey kitten with blue eyes that has been found.  It may be 4 weeks old.  If this is your cat please call 828-355-9804.

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Lost Dog: Morgan

Morgan is a male, white pit bull.  He was a black and tan patch over his eye.  Morgan weighs about 50 pounds and is not wearing a collar.  He went missing June 22 by the Earthfare in Boone.  If you have seen Morgan or may know where he is call 704-502-5763.

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Lost Dog: Opal

Opal is a female Brittany Spaniel that went missing on June 20.  She is a medium size dog, about 10 or 11 years old.  She is cream colored with yellow eyes and no tail.  She was wearing a blue collar with no tags when she went missing in the Blowing Rock Golf Course area.  If you have seen Opal or may have her please call 828-719-7770.

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