Two 3-1 votes moved along aspects of the South Fork New River water intake project, in spite of continued opposition of former Mayor

Drawing parallels to the problems the City of Asheville is having holding onto its own water system after the NC Legislature passed a bill taking control of what has become an area system, The Boone town Council will hold a closed session meeting this afternoon to discuss the possible implications

When your phone rings, you might almost want to think twice about answering, with the rash of political polls, calls from candidates, solicitations of all kinds

A scam alert is being put forward by the athletics department at Watauga High.

Voting in municipal elections starts in a week, and with several Watauga towns crossing county lines, there are complications for some in casting ballots, according to a release from the Watauga Board of Elections. The three municipalities are Blowing Rock, with some residents in Caldwell,

There were concerns for a 24-year old woman who failed to meet with friends as darkness fell Sunday night.

The Meeting room in the Watauga County office building was nearly full late yesterday afternoon as residents and concerned

It was like pent-up frustrations were let loose all at once all across the High Country yesterday

For the second time in two meetings, Boone Town Council member Loretta Clawson put forward a motion to put the brakes on the New River Water intake, a project set now to go to bids, asking to put work on hold until February 1st. The council had gathered for a closed session to discuss

Wilkesboro Police have another argument for doing business locally, that after a Hamptonville man was taken for some $1150 while trying to sell his truck.