The Boone Police Department has made an arrest in an armed robbery case.

Two men charged with making a bomb threat against the Ashe County Courthouse have had their cases continued until March.

An AppalCART bus was involved in an accident with a car on Monday afternoon.

Mooresville-based Lowe’s Companies Inc., announced Wednesday that it will add at least 600 full-time customer support and central production office positions in Wilkesboro by October.

The Boone Town Council voted to approve, with conditions, a Zoning Map Amendment for the King and College Mixed Use Planned Development project.

The Watauga County Planning Board met Monday and recommended a number of changes to the Watauga County High Impact Land Use Ordinance, for the County Commissioners’ consideration.

The Avery County Board of Education has named Human Resources Director Ken Townsend to be the new Superintendent of Avery County Schools.

At least 200,000 people were under evacuation orders earlier this week as crews worked to keep an emergency spillway at America’s tallest dam from failing and potentially unleashing uncontrolled flood waters on towns below. The situation brings to mind similar dams in the area.

A two-story apartment complex was destroyed by fire Saturday February 11th.

David Edwin Waln, of Boone, won his petition to be removed from the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry during Ashe County Superior Court last week.