Would you drive 23 miles—about 30 minutes—to save 25-cents per gallon for gas?

District Attorney Seth Banks reported this week that his office has adopted a new education component as a part of its underage drinking deferral program through a partnership with the Watauga Substance Abuse Prevention coalition and the Western Youth Network.

In light of recent events in which lead was found in the town’s water of Flint, Michigan, the Town of Boone issued a press release this afternoon, saying they wish to address any concerns citizens might have about the water safety and quality in our town.

Your lights won’t know the difference, nor will your electric appliances, but there will be a change in the ‘color’ of your power if you’re a New River Light and Power Company customer—maybe just a little more 'green.'

After a mad scramble, set up by a ruling by a three-judge federal court panel, North Carolina has a new map of its 13 congressional districts, making for changes across the state.

The theft of a purse, leading to the use of a stolen credit card, led Tuesday to the arrest of a Butler, Tennessee man.

The busy real estate trends of 2015 continued into the first month of 2016, with local Realtors® enjoying their busiest January in nine years.

We’re expecting more fog and rain today, and after fog yesterday lead to a number of accidents, caution is urged for today.

Votes today could postpone the March 15th congressional vote into June and change—some dramatically—all of the state’s congressional districts.

The controversy over whether to renovate and keep or take down the old Hildebran High School ended overnight as a fire destroyed much of the building early today.

There may be no trial testimony in the highly anticipated case against Damon Mallatere in the deaths of three people at the former Best Western Hotel in Boone, that according to sources reported by the Charlotte Observer.