Watauga Emergency Management issued a bulletin this afternoon urging caution as now Hurricane Joaquin is threatening to bring severe weather to the high country, that depending on the route the storm will take.

Unemployment was down across the board and across the High Country while unemployment rates

The busiest real estate season in years has yet to stop for a breather.

A huge line of heavy rain crossed the High Country during much of the early part of the day and into mid afternoon, followed by a brief visit from the sun.

In the rains that came yesterday, there were two injury traffic accidents

For the second time in three days, Boone Police found themselves investigating the death of another young man. On Friday afternoon, just before 2:30 PM, Boone Police responded with Watauga Medics to 451 Yosef Drive to the report of an unresponsive male.

So the rains came...and came...and came some more, and after a rather dry summer, the rains probably played a part in mud slides, trees downed blocking roads, and the collapse of a section of parking lot in Boone.